When to submit this form? Replacement of existing fences must be approved by the Architectural Control and Enforcement Committee but replacement of existing fences in the same place and of the same height will usually be approved unless the replacement is significantly different in style or material from the existing fence. All proposed fences must comply with any local zoning or building ordinances.

Before proposing a new fence, Briarwood residents are also encouraged to consider alternatives such as live plants or electronic fencing for pets.

What fences are not permitted? Any temporary fencing or fences of wire or plastic materials. 

Why is permission required? The restrictive covenants attached to your deed require
you to obtain prior written approval for all exterior changes to your property. You
became legally bound by these deed restrictions upon the purchase of your home.
These restrictive covenants serve to protect property values and neighborhood
aesthetics and promote harmony between neighbors.

  • If a fence erected prior to June 12, 2014 violates any of the following criteria, it can remain. However, Briarwood residents are encouraged to remove existing fences on their property that are no longer functional, have become unattractive due to age, or might detract from the real estate value of a home.

Where can I find my covenants? Covenants are listed here: Covenants

Fence Request Form

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*Fences taller than 4ft are generally not approved (except where requested to prevent access to a permanent swimming pool)

* Front yard fences (defined as fencing that extends beyond the front façade of the house or garage) are generally not approved