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October 2023 Meeting Minutes

Updated: Apr 8

1. Call to Order

  • Ray called to order at 7:05 PM.

    • Pat agreed to take minutes tonight.

2. Roll Call

  • Five present (quorum met)

    • Ray (President)

    • Tom (Vice President)

    • Jean

    • Mike

    • Pat (Treasurer)

  • Two absent

    • George

    • Kristen (New)

  • Guests

    • Elizabeth (Communications Chair)

    • Mary [Name?]

    • Brendan McCarty

    • Chrislyn Particka

3. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

  • Pat noted September minutes were forwarded September 28.

    • All in favor of approving minutes.

4. Member Comments

  • Changing our agenda to accommodate guests this evening.

    • Mary

      • Questions regarding neighbor at 3803 New Salem extending their fence past their property line.  (Possible encroachment on HOA property/pathways.)

      • Mike agreed it is a concern as we need to maintain control and access of pathways.  He will be looking into the matter.

    • Brendan

      • Questions in regard to his shed proposal.

      • Tom noted that he responded to the request and guidelines are currently under review.

      • Brendan noted neighbor at 2090 Tamarack installed a 10x12 shed (same size), so he was working under the assumption that was the allowed size.

      • Tom said he will be looking into the matter.

5. Officer/Committee Reports


  • No reports.

Vice President

  • No reports other than ACCE.

ACCE - Tom and Jean

  • All matters from past meetings have been resolved.

  • Current/pending requests

    • Brandan’s request is the last pending matter for the committee.


  • Current balance

    • Pat is working to resolve the QB report balance.  The unmatched/unreviewed transactions noted in September have been resolved, but he still needs to remove duplicate transactions from PayPal.

      • Account balances $###

        • Checking $###

        • Savings $###

        • QB Checking $###

        • PayPal $###

  • Recent bills and applied payments

    • Current on all bills.

    • Sisu’s September invoice has been paid.

    • Halloween Kickoff expenses are in-line with the initial plan.  (Well below budget.)

  • Questions

    • Tom asked where we stand on outstanding dues.

    • Pat noted that the move to QB will simplify the process (now that everything ahs been logged and recorded in QB).  We will include past-due notices with 2024 dues.  We will have QR codes for 2024 dues and previous years to drive residents to online payments, rather than sending checks.

    • Jean noted that paying garden dues online went very well.

    • Mike asked about obtaining a copy of Sisu’s contract. 

    • Ray confirmed that Sisu’s contract is good through February and we will get Mike a copy.

    • Jean asked about ballots for 2024 and what will be done to ensure anonymity (of votes/voters).

    • Pat stated that ballots would be included with dues - but was not aware of any applicants.  He and Jean will make arrangements to connect and discuss.


Events - Pat

  • Food trucks

    • Save double-booking NNO, feedback from each truck has been very positive.  They are pleased with neighborhood turnout and hope to make return trips in the future.

    • Schedule:

      • Happy Bowl - 10/12/23 from 4:00 - 7:00 (Canceled due to weather, but may reschedule.)

      • Taqueria Monarca - 10/31/23 from 4:30 - 6:00 (Halloween Kickoff)

    • Due to negative feedback/comments on the food truck visits from a Briarwood resident, Pat called attention to the April 2023 minutes and the board's (unanimous) vote to continue all HOA events, including the food truck visits.

      • Per the April 2023 minutes, Jean and Ray had recommended Pat reach out to Tina Royal for names/numbers of trucks and Pat agreed to handle signage for the event (and/or coordinate with Monica as needed).

  • Halloween Kickoff

    • Due to conflicting schedules of board members and volunteers (and the band), the budget for the fall picnic was moved to the Halloween Kickoff event.

    • Event details:

      • Pat noted that we already had a food truck scheduled for the event.  (Weather permitting.)

      • Donuts, cider, and apples from Phillip’s Cider in St. Johns.

      • 100 non-food “goodie bags” for kids.  Various non-food prizes for the scavenger hunt and events..

      • There will be games and things to do on-location; ring-toss, Plinko, wooden Halloween charms and a scavenger hunt.

Maintenance - Mike

  • Footbridge off Tamarack and New Salem

    • Mike looked at the footbridge and determined the structure can be saved, (most of) the posts are solid.  He removed the rotten handrails and painted an orange stripe on the right and left sides - but would like to replace two posts and add new handrails.

    • Revised estimate for repairs/replacement will be about $200 for lumber and screws.

    • Pat made a motion to approve $200 for the repair of the footbridge.

      • Ray seconded the motion.  All in favor.  Motion passed.

  • Trees

    • Mike is still following up with tree trimming/removal companies on pending storm cleanup.

  • Pumphouse

    • Planning to repaint the pumphouse next spring.

  • Other

    • He will be gone October 28 - November 12.

    • Requested meeting announcements/link a week prior to try and make certain George is able to attend.  Ray agreed to try and make meeting announcements a week in advance.

Welcoming - Jean

  • Eight new homeowners

  • Jean has connected with three and will attempt to meet the other five next month.

  • Sandalwood - Fire after purchase. Dumpster. Moving in around December.

  • New contacts and emails.

6. New Business

  • Rental follow-up.

    • Ray noted that we cannot prevent rental units, so long as they’re properly licensed and have the correct permits.

    • Mike inquired about home ownership information.  Pat agreed that, while rentals are not prohibited, both occupants/renter information and owner information may be necessary for notices.

    • Ray stated that we will continue to watch this matter.

  • Letters on the playground

    • Pat shared a letter from eight children in the neighborhood (and three parents) inquiring about a new (re: replacement) play structure in the recreation park.

7. Old Business

  • Playground

    • Ray recommended we organize an in-person meeting in December for residents with questions or seeking additional information on the playground.

    • Pat obtained updated quotes to address George’s questions on liability insurance for the playscape.

      • Liability insurance ($200,000) will be $262 annually.

      • Insurance on the playscape itself will depend on the value/cost of the structure; e.g. $4,000 is $5 annual and $40,000 is $50-$75 annual.

      • Estimated $300-$350, again, depending on the structure.  (Once added, the amount is prorated.)

    • Jean asked about the sand/weeds where the old structure was located.

      • Mike stated we can look into sodding and mowing next year

8. Member Comments

  • Chrislyn had an inquiry regarding the community garden, asking if produce was sold.

    • Jean said that produce sales are strictly donation-based.

    • Chrislyn noted that the HOA will need to refrain from referring to any produce donated or sold as “organic” as we are not certified to make that claim; the HOA should instead say the produce is “pesticide-free.”

9. Adjournment

  • Ray made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:58 PM.

    • Mike seconded.  All in favor.

  • Next meeting will be held Tuesday, November 14, 2023 at 7:00 PM on Microsoft Teams.

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