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September 2023 Meeting Minutes

Updated: Apr 8

1. Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order at 7:12 PM. (Slight delay due to issues accessing the HOA Zoom account.)

  • Pat agreed to take minutes tonight due to Monica’s absence (and resignation from the board).

2. Roll Call

  • Five present (quorum met)

    • Ray (President)

    • Tom (Vice President)

    • Mike

    • Jean

    • Pat (Treasurer)

  • One absent

    • George

3. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

  • Mike and Pat noted that August minutes had not been forwarded prior to tonight’s meeting.

    • Ray confirmed that they did not have quorum for the August meeting (so there are no minutes).

4. Announcements

  • While she was not present, Ray thanked Monica (current Communications and former President) for all of her work and efforts this year and past years. Monica decided to step down earlier that afternoon, citing her scheduling conflicts and family obligations.

  • Ray thanked Mike for his work after the August 24 storm, documenting damage and organizing emergency cleanup on Belding Court pathways.

5. Officer/Committee Reports


  • No report.

Vice President

  • No general report, but Tom wanted to ensure all board members had phone numbers for each other.

ACCE - Tom and Jean

  • Tom noted that they are working to resolve a complaint from Jo Ellyn Reimers (1822 Yosemite Dr) regarding upkeep of a neighboring property.

    • Tom noted that ACCE will need to be consistent and that there are at least two other homes in the neighborhood (Tamarack and Valley Brook) that will need a letter - if a violation letter is sent to the Yosemite home.

      • He also noted concerns with overgrown and unkempt planters in the neighborhood.

    • Jean asked if there was an ACCE violation letter template for property upkeep - lawn/grass/weeds, specifically.

      • Tom and Ray will draft a letter in the coming weeks.

  • Jean noted that three camper violations were drafted and addressed in the last two weeks. The letters were sent this week.

    • Three more pending, depending on whether the camper is moved in the next week or whether there is contact received from the owner.

      • Both Tom and Jean noted that ACCE is willing to make exceptions when notice/reasoning is provided. (Like Pat and his pop-up camper that was set up for year-end cleaning, but then could not be closed due to rain/inclement weather.)

      • Pat noted that he still has concerns with ACCE sending violations without an applicable definition of “storage” within Covenant 1 (New Salem) and Covenants 2-4 - but added that he was in full agreement with consistency, that everyone with campers in driveways are receiving notice (and not just one, single address receiving complaints).

  • Tom and Jean noted that ACCE has an unresolved complaint regarding a structure and may need to check ordinances on sheds/coops.


  • Pat called attention to three reports sent prior to the meeting.

    • Current balance

      • Brief overview of accounts. (The QB report balance does not mesh with account balances… $72,789.49. Pat will be looking into that. Likely unmatched/unreviewed transactions.)

      • Account balances $###

        • Checking $###

        • Savings $###

        • QB Checking $###

        • PayPal -

    • Recent bills and applied payments

      • Overview of bills/payments since May 1.

      • Current on all bills.

        • Metter was paid half prior to starting work on garden fence - so the bill is paid in full. Pat will be looking into that; the check/payment is in QB, but may not have been applied to the bill..

    • Expenses by vendor

      • Brief overview of expenses YTD. Pat will look into the negative balance with Auto Owners - but wanted to call attention to maintenance expenses.

        • Sisu’s July bill included work to the Belding and Nature Park pathways. August included minor storm cleanup.

        • Wright Way Tree Company charged $1,000.00 for emergency removal of limbs hanging over a Belding pathway. (Mike noted that this was about an hour of work - but it’s the emergency rate.)


Maintenance - Mike

  • August 24 storm

    • There was considerable tree damage along Belding footpaths; emergent issues have been resolved.

      • Easternmost path had loose/fallen wire. Path was closed and issue was resolved.

      • Loose limbs over the middle Belding footpath; emergent situation has been resolved.

        • Mike noted that when he called around, every company noted that they were booked about a month out.

    • There are several loose and hanging limbs in trees around the neighborhood - some on HOA maintained properties, such as the big limb on the west backstop in the recreation area. These will be addressed, but may need to hold until November or next spring (as they are not emergent situations).

      • Mike noted that when he called around, every company noted that they were booked at least a month out - but, again, we are not seeing any other emergent situations at this time. We will wait for the companies to catch up - and for “normal” rates to return.

      • Again, we will need to watch these trees/limbs and get services scheduled in fall or spring and several companies have Mike’s contact information.

    • Tree damage in the woods along Kinawa.

      • Mike will pull surveys to gauge HOA responsibilities here as there are, as he understands it, essentially four “zones.”

        • School (closest to road)

        • HOA

        • Utility easement

        • Property owners

  • Footbridge off Tamarack and New Salem

    • Handrails are rotten and need to be removed. The neighbor along the path agreed to let Mike use their power for his reciprocating saw.

      • Pat said that he has some availability in the coming weeks/weekends and asked Mike to give him a day and time.

  • Poison ivy is returning

    • Poison ivy is returning in some areas and will need to be sprayed again.

      • Ray said he would approve the purchase and reimbursement.

      • Pat noted it falls under general maintenance and can either purchase the spray or write Mike a check for reimbursement.

Welcoming - Jean

  • New potential member

    • Jean said she spoke with Kristen Leary following her expressing interest in joining the HOA board - and made a motion to approve her joining.

      • Mike asked about the process of approving new board members and Pat supplied bylaws.

        • ARTICLE VII - Section 2. Vacancies in the Board of Directors shall be filled by the majority of (if more than three) remaining directors, any such appointed director to hold office until his successor is elected by the Members, who may make such election at the next annual meeting of the Members or at any special meeting duly called for that purpose.

      • Pat seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion passed. (Welcome, Kristen!)

Events - Pat

  • NNO

    • Pat said there was great turnout from the neighborhood and thanks Elizabeth and Cory Pahl for their time in organizing and setting up the event. He also thanked Ray for his help getting everything torn down and put away.

    • Three food trucks in attendance; Sweet Treats (paid for by HOA), Krystal's Kitchen, and Taqueria Monarca.

  • Food trucks

    • Scheduled:

      • 09/11/23 from 4:00 - 7:00 - Bigfoot Burger Co.

      • 09/21/23 from 4:30 - 6:30 - Shove It Pizza

      • 10/31/23 from 4:30 - 6:00 - Taqueria Monarca (Halloween Kickoff)

    • Save double-booking NNO, each truck has been

  • Fall Picnic

    • Due to conflicting schedules of board members and volunteers (and the band), Pat said that the board cannot move forward with the fall picnic this year.

    • Due to their being a budget in place, Pat made a motion to roll over the budget for the fall picnic to a larger Halloween Kickoff event.

      • Ray seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion passed.

  • Halloween Kickoff

    • Pat noted that we already have a food truck scheduled for the event, but he will price out donuts and cider for attendees and gift bags and prizes for kids.

6. New Business

  • N/A

7. Old Business

  • Briarwood recreation park/playground

    • Ray made a motion to move forward with “Phase 2” of the Briarwood recreation park project (the garden expansion is considered “Phase 1”) and to take steps necessary to build “Playground Option 3” from the draft presentation from 2021. Using the (old) quote in the proposal, this would include a special assessment of about $85.00 in addition to the $20,000 already approved.

      • Park proposals were presented, but not voted on in 2022. Ray will be asking Elizabeth to update the presentation and obtain quotes for Option #3.

      • Mike and Jean noted that the Fmr. President of East Meadows Association offered to buy benches for the park as their residents frequently use(d) the park.

      • Jean seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion passed.

    • On a related note, Mike asked about removing the west backstop when the limb is removed (as this is near the planned playground location). Everyone was in agreement with removing the west backstop.

8. Member Comments

  • N/A

9. Adjournment

  • Meeting closed at 8:28. (Timed out.)

  • Next meetings will be held on Microsoft Teams, rather than Zoom. (Details to follow.)

    • Thursday, October 10, 2023 at 7:00 PM

    • Thursday, November 14, 2023 at 7:00 PM


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