When to use this form: You must send a written application and obtain written
permission from the Association PRIOR to making any external changes to or on your
property. Such changes include, but are not limited to, fences, decks, patios,
additions, sheds, satellite dishes, color changes and new driveways or sidewalks. No
permission is required for simple repairs of existing structures; however, you do need to
file this form if you plan any enlargement or change to the appearance of an existing
structure, or the addition of a new structure.


Why is permission required? The restrictive covenants attached to your deed require
you to obtain prior written approval for all exterior changes to your property. You
became legally bound by these deed restrictions upon the purchase of your home.
These restrictive covenants serve to protect property values and neighborhood
aesthetics and promote harmony between neighbors.


Where can I find my covenants? Covenants are listed here: Covenants


Are there additional guidelines for fences and buildings? Yes.

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