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April 2022 Meeting Minutes

Updated: Apr 8

  1. Call to Order - unofficial 7:15 (Did not meet quorum); Ray joined 7:40p to meet quorum

  2. Roll Call -Elizabeth Pahl, Alyse Munishamaiah, Kayla Byrd-Daniels, Jean Zwier Absent- Monica Fochtman, Jim Rypkema, Raymond Poirier, Georgia Styka

  3. Announcements - none

  4. Committee Reports

    1. President - none

    2. Treasurer Checking: $###; Savings: $###; CD: $###

      1. Taxes - Kayla setting up IRS account to submit the nonprofit tax form before the end of the week

      2. Received another invoice for $1,060 for Jan/Feb snow removal from Blue Ridge; despite having paid in full previously per BHOA’s request (Blue Ridge did not include this charge), it was paid. No further payments will be issued to Blue Ridge going forward.

      3. Clarification to budget from last meeting: added weed and feed line items to common areas/park (has been wrapped up in landscaping in the past, but this new company has separate charges).

      4. Dues: 63 outstanding dues; 5 of these include previous balances; total of $5,832.62 outstanding; Kayla has been reaching out to ensure invoices have been received & following up

    3. Publicity/Communications

      1. Newsletter - Elizabeth currently working on spring newsletter, has all content compiled and aiming for finished draft/ready for print by next week.

      2. Updated Garden Form on Website - Cory updated this

      3. Updated Fence Guidelines on Website - Elizabeth/Cory updated these and changed language re: “approval” by neighbors on public docs. ACCE needs to look at the general ACCE form and advise Elizabeth on any changes that need to be made. Looking at creating a fillable PDF with option for printable version with cohesive look/function.

    4. Events

      1. Kona Ice Fundraiser for playground set for Saturday, June 25th 1:00-3:00 PM - Location TBD, (looking at a place along Tamarack possibly so it’s near the park/playground area) - Kona is providing BHOA with a percentage back based on sales (for every $100 purchased, it goes up by 5% so $1-99 is 5% donated, $100-199 is 10% donated, etc $400+ is 25% and most people hit this top target within 2 hours)

      2. Chalk Your Walk - discussed possible options for cost effective signage for events, chalk common area walkways (in front of nature park, pathways, in front of BHOA member houses “Chalk Your Walk May 13-15”)

      3. Granger Special Trash Pick-Up Fee - Elizabeth talking to Granger and working with them to determine fee, following back up with them week of 4/12

      4. National Night Out Ice Cream Social - Elizabeth reached out to MSU Dairy Store and it will be $800 (200 servings; can add additional for about $4 per serving) for them to come out with their ice cream cart; power is needed but Elizabeth’s donating a generator to use. Considering adding a non-dairy option as well like Italian ice. Last year 240 servings used. Budget is $1,200 for the event as a whole. Considering a ticketing service to ensure everyone gets served; visitors (who are not Briarwood residents) could have the option of paying $5 for a ticket.

      5. Discussed ticketing for all events as a possibility; concerned about “making a profit” - don’t want to turn a profit; will absolutely require volunteers to manage ticketing situation; talked about continuity of price.

    5. Maintenance

      1. Pathway Lights - Elizabeth spoke with FD Hayes and they will not budge on giving a reimbursement/discount on the unsatisfactory lights they installed (parking lot lights on the walking path); $2500 total bill has been paid for the lights. No further complaints from neighbors since lights were adjusted to point down. Will continue to monitor the situation, asking neighbors how they feel since lights have been adjusted.

        1. 6 lights should have been installed but only 5 lights were; one of the lights on the middle pathway still has the original optics. 6th light needs to be installed or refund us for the amount of the single light.

      2. Garden -

        1. Gardeners have embraced the increased fees and looking forward to running water on site; exploring options to register online/stop accepting applications and payments when plots are taken; 1 plot left available

        2. a permit/license is needed to run the waterline and a township person has to apply for that, site needed to be evaluated to determine the best site for the water to originate

        3. Greater Lansing Garden Project is giving BHOA a $500 grant towards the water line (to be used before June 30, 2022). Jean will write to Meridian Township to waive the “curb fee” (approx $1,000) for us, but sounds promising that it will happen. Hoping for June installation.

        4. Compost will be donated by Hammond Farms to either end of the garden and Barker Landscaping will be tilling the space again this year.

      3. Playground - No updates.

    6. Nominations

      1. Vacancies - Anne Billings stepped down for personal reasons leaving one spot open. Spot needs to be filled ASAP. Being shared in the newsletter to garner interest.

    7. Welcoming

      1. Handoff - Ray to pick up welcoming materials from Alyse this week; Kayla to assist with ensuring BSA info is accurate; all Board members will go in and update anyone who has been welcomed already.

    8. ACCE

      1. 2136 Tamarack Dr. - approved; but buyer backed out of sale so the request is null.

      2. 3800 Binghamptom - driveway light; Kayla will send another letter

      3. Properties needing maintenance to structures/landscaping - ACCE committee to get together to discuss how to handle these issues moving forward

      4. Seeking an additional ACCE member to make it an odd number of committee members; Ray volunteered to join committee as the 5th member

      5. 3906 New Salem- hasn’t completed their fencing project as proposed. ACCE committee asked to complete the project or remove the fence prior to the closure of the home.

  1. New Business

  1. Tamarack Entrance Redesign Proposal - Elizabeth moved to approve Tamarack entrance redesign by R&D; Kayla seconded; unanimously approved

  2. Capital Expenditures - BHOA board needs to be in agreement on how much to keep in savings so we can budget out capital expenditures; Kayla will provide an capital report to vote on in May Meeting (Total Money - Budget - Earmarked projects - savings = capital). The goal is to spend all capital monies prior to increasing dues or having a capital campaign. Priorities may need to be set.

    1. Capital Projects:

      1. Recreation Park:

        1. Add Playground ($20,000 earmarked)

        2. Landscaping around new playground

        3. General Maintenance of Trees/Scrub

        4. Remove old concrete

        5. Soccer Goals/baseball Stops (moved/removed/replaced)

        6. Unearth paved pathway

      2. Entrances - Update Tamarack Entrance ($5,544.03 earmarked)

      3. Nature Park - Add more limestone to Pathway

      4. Fix concrete sidewalk on Eastern most pathway to Kinawa

      5. Update Briarwood Property Signs

  3. Notice from township for special use permit - The owners of Bickford bought 3836 Okemos Road. They are looking to add a 9,488 square foot addition to Bickford. There is a Meridian Township Meeting to discuss this proposal on April 25 at 7:00 PM. For comments, you can send an email to the planning committee or attend the township meeting.

  1. Old Business

    1. Pond Pump (Jean) - Nothing new.

    2. Nature Park (Elizabeth) - Neighbor would like to have a discussion about the Natural Playground. Elizabeth will send a meeting invite to the entire board when the meeting date/time/location is determined.

  1. Member Comments

    1. No member Comments.

  1. Adjourn - Meeting adjourned at 9:08 pm

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