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  • Covenant 1

    • 2191 Arundel Pl

    • 2175-2196 Donovan Pl

    • 2208-2237 Heritage Ave

    • 3781-3907 New Salem Ave

    • 2197-2236 Tamarack Dr

  • Covenant 2

    • 2140-2189 Arundel Pl​

  • Covenant 3

    • 2112-3947 Belding Ct​

    • 2160-2163 Donovan Pl

    • 2142-2198 Heritage Ave

    • 2142-3936 Raleigh Dr

  • Covenant 4

    • 2101 Ashland Ave​

    • 2015-2096 Belding Ct

    • 3940-3950 Binghampton Dr

    • 3781-3921 Sandlewood Dr

    • 2090-2187 Tamarack Dr

  • Covenant 5

    • 2043-2100 Ashland Dr​

    • 3800-3931 Binghampton Dr

    • 2005-2019 Cimmaron Dr

    • 3831-3921 Roxbury Dr

    • 2019-2095 Shagbark Ln

    • 2045-3921 Sheldrake Ave

    • 2020-2089 Tamarack Dr

  • Covenant 6

    • 1931-1962 Atherton Way

    • 3980-3981 Channing Way

    • 3832-3875 Crooked Creek Rd

    • 3950-3968 Dixon Cir

    • 3863-3947 Hemmingway Dr

    • 3951-3969 Raven Cir

    • 1973-2001 Valley Brook Dr

  • Covenant 7

    • 3864-3915 Highwood Pl​

  • Covenant 9

    • 3839-3857 Hemmingway​

    • 3785-3819 Yosemite Dr

  • Covenant 10

    • 3805-3835 Hemmingway Dr​

  • Covenant 11

    • 1785-1872 Yosemite Dr​

  • What is the Briarwood Home Owners Association?
    The BHOA is a non-profit corporation whose membership includes all property owners of the Briarwood subdivision. Membership rights and obligations are specified in the restrictive covenants affixed to the deeds of all 406 Briarwood lots, which are recorded with the subdivision plat at the Ingham County Register of Deeds.
  • What does our association do?
    Provides for the preservation of property values and neighborhood aesthetics. Promotes the health, safety and welfare of residents. Maintains and administers the common properties and facilities. Fosters community and communication between neighbors. Provides a collective neighborhood voice.
  • Are there membership dues?
    All Briarwood homeowners are required by the covenants to pay dues. As of 2001, dues of $78.00 are collected annually in January, in a single installment. Late fees begin to apply if not paid by the date of the Annual Meeting. Dues may be increased periodically by a vote of the BHOA membership. Dues are utilized for the following: -Activities and events that promote a sense of community. -Maintenance and improvement of BHOA common properties, including the Recreation Park, Briarwood Pond, Nature Park, subdivision entrances, cul-de-sacs and middle school pathways. -Publication of a neighborhood newsletter, website and directory. -Liability insurance, taxes, professional services.
  • What are restrictive covenants?
    Restrictive covenants are real estate deed restrictions that place limitations on the appearance and use of your subdivision property. Deed restrictions come with the property and can’t be changed or removed by subsequent owners. You should have received a copy of the restrictive covenants from the title company or your realtor when you closed on your home. The covenants impose approval requirements for proposed additions or alterations to the exterior of your property, and address other matters relating to property maintenance and nuisances.
  • How can I become involved with the BHOA?
    The association is governed by a nine-member board of elected volunteers. Three board members are elected by membership ballot annually and each serves a three year term. The board members elect officers and committee chairs.
  • When are annual events set?
    The dates for annual events are set at the first Board meeting after the members meeting in February. Please check the Events page in early April for dates and the list of annual events.
  • How can I prevent crime?
    -Lock your doors and windows. Keep your garage doors closed. -Report unusual or suspicious behavior to the police. -Write down descriptions of people or vehicles. License numbers are important. -Look after your neighbors' homes when they are away. Ask them to look after yours when you are gone. -You can register for personal notification thru It's free.
  • How can I report crime?
    -Call 911 (Meridian Township Police and Fire - Emergency) for crimes in progress including assaults, robberies, gun shots, burglaries, larcenies, fire or explosion, auto accidents involving injury, suspicious persons, a person with weapons, odor of gas or injuries. -Call 332-6526 (Meridian Township Police - Non-Emergency) for property crimes that occurred previously, auto accidents with no injury, abandoned vehicles, loud parties or any incident not life threatening. - Call 853-4800 (Meridian Township Police - Administration) to leave a message for the Community Policing officer assigned to our neighborhood.
  • What is our school district?
    Briarwood is in the Okemos Public School District. See their website for more information:
  • Who do I contact for emergency water and sewer problems?
    Meridian Township Water 517-349-0010
  • Who do I contact for electric and gas problems?
    Consumers Energy 1-800-477-5050
  • Who do I contact about pothole patching, tree removal, or snow removal?"
    Ingham County Road Department 517-676-9722 517-676-7798
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