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About the Association

The Briarwood Home Owners Association is a non-profit, self-governing corporation, formed on behalf of all homeowners of the Briarwood subdivision. A nine-member volunteer board of directors conducts the business of the neighborhood. Three board members are selected annually to serve three-year terms of office.

Here is what the Association does for our neighborhood:

  • Promotes the health, safety, and welfare of residents.

  • Maintains a close working relationship with the Meridian Township Police.

  • Provides  for the preservation of property values.

  • Maintains and administers the common properties and facilities.

  • Provides a collective voice in township planning and government.

  • Provides vehicles for effective communication among homeowners.

Each homeowner is expected to keep their home and grounds in good repair and in harmony with the neighborhood. As a Planned Community, homeowners and residents must make an application to the Architectural Control and Covenant Enforcement Committee (ACCE) and confer with neighbors before making changes to the outside of their property.

Homeowners in Briarwood pay annual dues on each Lot owned. Currently these dues are $78.00 when paid by the date of the annual meeting, and thereafter increase by additional fees. The dues assessment is required by the restrictive covenants recorded in all Briarwood property deeds. The base amount may be increased only by a vote of the membership. Dues are primarily used for the following purposes:

  • Maintenance of the Recreation Park, Nature Park, Briarwood Pond, cul-de-sacs, school pathways and subdivision entrances.

  • Publication of the Briarwood Bugle newsletter and web site.

  • Social activities and neighborhood services that benefit residents and promote a sense of community.

  • Periodic publication of the neighborhood directory.

Meet the Board


Raymond Poirier.jpg

Raymond Poirier



Jean Zwier

ACCE Committee

Welcoming Committee

Election Committee

Garden Coordinator


Tom Davis

Vice President

ACCE Committee









PXL_20231021_140238388 (1)_edited_edited

Mike Karagoulis

Maintenance Committee

BHOA photo.png

Patrick Daniels


Events Committee

Maintenance Committee

Communications Committee

Election Committee


George Platsis

ACCE Committee

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