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April 2023 Meeting Minutes

Updated: Apr 8

1. Call to Order

  • Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM.

  • Zoom unavailable as host was unavailable for tonight’s meeting.

2. Roll Call

  • N/A (Informal prior to meeting.)

3. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

  • Minutes from the previous meeting were only sent to Ray (President), so we were, unfortunately, unable to vote to approve/accept the minutes for March..

    • To be forwarded to all for review/approval at the May meeting.

4. Announcements

  • Reminder to send a headshot to Monica.

5. Committee Reports


  • Quick update from Pat (Treasurer) on QuickBooks.

    • Slight delay on getting familiar with accounts due to the email requirement.

    • Still need to reconcile Google and QuickBooks; only 2022 (and very little of 2021) is in Quickbooks. Looking to be running everything in QuickBooks by the end of the quarter.

      • Mike asked for a timeline, due to the need to track maintenance expenses and costs year-to-year.

      • Both Pat and Ray agreed that the reconciliation will likely occur throughout April (after April 18) and May. Hoping to have something started by the May meeting, but this may not be ready until June.

Treasurer’s note: In the meantime, Mike will need to lean on the 2022 report.

  • Jean asked about looking into a new certificate of deposit?

    • Ray noted this is possible - but should be brought to the next meeting as new business. (Seconded by Pat; we can look into it, but we are not prepared to vote tonight.)



  • Pat volunteered to chair/coordinate the committee.

    • Planning to speak with Kayla Byrd-Daniels (Fmr. Treasurer) and Elizabeth Pahl (Fmr. Vice President)

Welcoming - Jean and Kathi

  • Kathi plans to print additional fliers and newsletters to have extra welcome packets on hand.

  • Jean asked about recent welcomes/introductions.

    • Ray said that he has a list.

  • Pat noted that we should be able to track new residents and notifications within QuickBooks once this is up and running (“new customers”).

Maintenance - Mike

  • Mike circulated an agenda prior to the meeting.

    • Determination of 2023 budget (maintenance, specifically).

Treasurer's note: Already discussed.

  • Contact lawn and chemical treatment contractors. Look into quotes from other companies.

    • Sisu Seasonal Services (current)

    • R&D Landscape (current)

    • Turf Jockeys

      • Nate Brown, 866-613-4145

    • Green Concepts

      • John Rodriguez, 517-505-7392

    • Pat wished to note past issues with Blue Ridge Landscaping (Brian Howser) and wanted to ensure they were not contacted for a quote.

  • Leveling and seeding over the new water line to the community garden. Ground settled around the trench and needs to be filled.

  • Landscape restoration of Yosemite cul-de-sac circle. Still needs follow-up, but this may be a township matter.

  • Dead tree down next to the ball diamond. Mike reviewed boundaries and walked the property - and it appears that the tree belongs to the condo association.

    • Both Jean and Pat offered to contact Fox Hollow neighbors and confirm current association contacts.

  • Crushed stone in the nature park pathways. Mike obtained prices/quotes for the cheaper (and larger) rocks - but there are concerns that the rocks are too large and may be cumbersome. Mike will get another quote. (He believes the next-smallest rocks are ~$80 per yard.)

    • Main walk = 10 yds for 1” layer

    • Side loop = 5 yds for 1” layer

    • Material cost ~$60 per yard

    • Spreading cost (need a quote)

    • On a related note, the property with a large shed neighboring the park was to re-grade near the property line to avoid mud and standing water in the park. This has not occurred.

  • Shed repairs needed

    • Replace 1 rotting 2x6 support.

    • Caulk for bees.

    • Re-roof.

      • Tom, Pat, and Ray offered to help with this, but it may be pertinent to ask for additional volunteers from the neighborhood.

  • Footpath pavement washout between Binghamton/Kinawa. This may not need to be addressed this year, but should be fixed sooner rather than later.

    • Quotes needed - and we will need to book soon if we are to get scheduled this year.

  • Foot bridge Between Tamarack and the park/garden is falling apart.

    • Repair or replace? Quotes needed.

  • Footpath lighting correction

    • Obnoxiously bright - up to 900 lumens/square meter.

      • (Recommended value is 50)

    • Light is trespassing onto adjacent properties.

    • Poor ecology (for plants, birds, and insects).

    • Will consider alternatives to FD Hayes Electric and come back with a cost effective proposal.

    • Jean noted that FD Hayes recommended the LED and lumens, saying that it was appropriate for walkways - but they are too bright. (Hayes recommended lights meant for parking lots.)

      • One light stopped working in Fall 2022. FD Hayes was not able to enforce the warranty on the light fixture through the vendor and refused to cover the replacement. Jean believed only the labor was paid, but was not certain of the amount.

  • Asked if anyone attended the township meeting on April 6. (No one did.)

    • Paving (re-paving?) streets in the neighborhood.

  • Asked if all maintenance matters/quotes needed to be brought to the board.

    • Ray confirmed that Mike has to bring it to board, but we have other means of voting outside the monthly meetings.

      • Google survey

      • Special meeting

      • Email is a possibility

  • Asked about possibly updating the directory.

    • We can look to start updating a digital directory this year with dues’ notices. Print copies may be available on request, but we will need to consider this after setting our budget.

ACCE - Jean, Tom, and Kathi

  • Fence requested

    • They haven’t talked to the neighbors about the fence? (Not inherently a requirement, but a common courtesy.)

    • Fence is for a dog, but it is just a split-rail without fencing? (Not inherently a requirement, but seemed odd to the committee.)

  • Tom asked about getting board contact information.

    • Ray to send a contact sheet to board so everyone has emails/phone numbers.

6. New Business

  • 2023 HOA events

    • Ray moved to keep the Garage Sale and Garbage Day as events, using the dates listed in the agenda. Pat seconded. All present in favor.

    • Garage Sale

      • Friday, June 2 - Saturday, June 3

      • Trash-to-Treasure on Sunday, June 4

Treasurer’s note: Elizabeth has agreed to chair this event - but she will need to maintain access to her email and the HOA’s Google Drive.

  • Garbage Day

    • Tuesday, June 6

  • National Night Out

    • Tuesday, August 1

Treasurer’s note: Elizabeth has agreed to chair this event - but she will need to maintain access to her email and the HOA’s Google Drive.

  • Neighborhood Picnic/Tailgate

    • TBD

Treasurer’s note: Kayla has agreed to chair this event - but she will need to maintain access to her email and the HOA’s Google Drive.

  • Halloween

    • TBD

  • Luminaries

    • TBD

  • Ray moved to keep other 2022 events in place. Pat seconded. All present in favor.

  • Food trucks

    • Jean and Ray recommended reaching out to Tina Royal.

    • Pat agreed to handle signage for the event and/or coordinate with Monica.

  • Playground

    • Presented, but not voted on in 2022. The board would like the presentations revised and re-presented at the next meeting in May.

Treasurer’s note: Both Kayla and Elizabeth have been (informally) informed of this request. A formal email request from President would be recommended.

  • It was noted by Mike and Jean that Fmr. President of East Meadows Association offered to buy benches for the park as their residents frequently use(d) the park.

  • Future meetings

    • Township is being renovated starting in May 2023 and will be unavailable through fall. (The space is already booked for October 2023.)

    • Library is available May 9, July 11, and August 8, and September 12 - but not June.

      • Keeping reservations for now. (48-hour cancellation required.)

      • Next meeting in May will be at Mike’s residence. (Details pending.)

7. Old Business

  • N/A

8. Member Comments

  • N/A

9. Adjournment

  • Ray moved to close at 8:05. Pat seconded. All present in favor.

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