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December 2021 Meeting Minutes

Updated: Apr 8

The meeting was called to order at 7:05

Board Members present were Fochtman, Styka, Byrd-Daniels, C.Pahl, E.Pahl, Munishamaiah, Zwier Guests included Lynn Page, Brendan McCarly.

The November minutes were not available for approval.

Monica Fochtman reminded HOA members to be appropriate in the messaging to Board members, including comments and questions, which are welcomed. HOA members should sign all missives. Be polite. Board members are all volunteers. Sh is recommending that the next board should raise the dues, which have not been done in more than 20 years. If dues had kept up with inflation, it would be $125 dollars. The additional money can be used to hire a property management company to do the more difficult tasks. We are the largest neighborhood association in this community, but have the second lowest dues.

The treasurer reported that there is $### in the Checking account, $### in the Savings account, and $### in the CD. A question arose as to who should pay for the discharge of a lien. At present the cost to do so is $30.00. Should the homeowner pay or the HOA? Kayla will investigate the number of liens to be discharged. She is in concurrence with Monica that a property management company should be hired to handle dues and pay bills.

Publicity/ Communications – Signs at the entrances, to remind HOA members to vote were suggested. Elizabeth Pahl will contact the sign maker we have used in the past to determine the cost of having new signs printed. All she needs is the wording to be placed on the signs. Monica will forward the wording to Elizabeth.

Events – Luminary kits are available in front of the Pahl home for placement in front of homes on Dec. 21st, from 6 to 8 pm. Each kit contains, 12 white bags, sand and candles. Homeowners can use on different days if they choose to.

Maintenance - The light at the Heritage entrance must be replaced. The cost was approved by the Board. It is on back order. The lights on the Binghampton Walkway seem to be too bright. Elizabeth will call F.D. Hayes to find out how these lights can be dimmed or directed downward. Any additional cost that will be incurred will need approval of the board.

Nominations - As to date two nomination applications have been received. We need a total of five to at least fill all positions that will be available. Paper Image is not able to send out the Dues/Ballots in a timely manner. Dues/ ballots will be due Jan. 15th. Kayla Byrd- Daniels and other Board members will process the Dues/ ballots mailing so it can be received in timely manner. Information submitted by the candidate will be copied word for word on the ballot. Write in candidates will also be accepted. The cost of mailing will be more than if sent out by Paper Image. Keeping the database up to date is a difficult job and many efforts have been put forth by Cory Pahl to update the list. Georgia will count the ballots.

The Annual Board Meeting, set for Feb. 8 at 7:00 pm, will be a Zoom meeting due to Covid.

Welcoming – Packets are now available for distribution for new residents. Elise has the kits. Let Elise know to what resident the packets are going. Get information to put in directory such as email, cell phone #, and encourage them to get electronic Briarwood notices.

ACCE – A 55 minute discussion followed. No decisions were made on the fence guidelines. Highlights of the discussion included the following. A homeowner does not need approval of the ACCE to replace or repair existing structures, as long as there is no major change. (eg. Fence, garage door) The resident at 2080 Tamarack replaced a chain link, split rail fence with a 5 1/2 foot Shadow Box fence. The resident did not receive ACCE approval prior to erecting the fence. This fence is similar to the neighbors fence, which did receive ACCE approval. A long discussion followed about the guidelines for erecting a new fence or shed. It is very important for the HOA member to communicate the exact dimensions of the project with their neighbors. Neighbors need to be informed but do not necessarily need to approve the ACCE request. Neighbors should be fully informed as to the height and construction of the fence they wish to construct. The key is to communicate. It was suggested that the ACCE committee send a notice to neighbors by mail informing them of the ACCE request. New fence guidelines will be reviewed at the next meeting. The final decision lies with the ACCE committee to approve. Kayla has updated the guidelines. Jean will review and add her ideas. Board will vote on the updated guidelines at the next meeting.

Briarwood Pond – no new information

The Board discussed the erection of a new play structure to replace the one removed earlier this year. It may be necessary to have a Capital Campaign to finance it.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:12 pm.

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