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June 2023 Meeting Minutes

Updated: Apr 8

BHOA Board Meeting

June 13, 2023

CALL TO ORDER at 7:13pm


  • Present: Ray, Monica, Jean, Pat, and Tom

  • Absent: Georg, Michael (report submitted prior to)


  • Ray- motions to approve. Tom- seconds. Approved unanimously.


  • President- Great job on garage sale. Thank you!

  • Pat- Been booking food trucks, on Facebook and BHOA website (Monica). Working on August dates.



  • No report


  • Checking: $###

  • Saving: $###

    • Recent large expense- second payment for garden fence.

    • Granger- most people used the payment link; $585 will be due to Granger.

    • ”Behind on dues” got an auto-reminder through QuickBooks.

    • Only 1 PayPal payment (from a realtor?) cannot be matched to an address.

    • June goal- get additional emails out.

    • July- will do USPS mailer.

    • Still trying to reconcile how far back the “unpaid” notices are tracking.


  • Dates and times on Google Calendar are correct.

  • Website calendar times are delayed; working with Cory Pahl to see if it is Wix Time Zone/Syncing Issue.

  • Will send out community email about garage sales, events, Poison Ivy in Rec Park, etc.


  • Food Trucks- see website

  • National Night Out- Aug - Elizabeth Pahl lead

  • Picnic- Kayla Byrd-Daniels lead

    • later than usual because of MSU Home games

  • Need budgets


  • Looked at sales on Zillow.

  • Going to go out once/month to visit.

  • Put “Welcome, New Neighbors” on the website.


(Submitted Electronically)

  1. Sisu informed me the three small landscaping jobs will be done this week.

    1. Nature path

    2. Smith Creek washout

    3. Sandalwood path puddling

  2. The dead tree in the ball field was removed by our neighbor HOA. Thanks to Jean.

  3. Briarwood pond pump repairs are moving at a snail pace. I call them every week. I aske them to ensure the pump is properly specified for capacity, water intrusion, and mud tolerance.

  4. Poison ivy at the ball field is dying on the vine.

  5. I would like to cut off the rotting hand rails from the footbridge entrance to the park, and paint fluorescent yellow lines to mark the edges of the bridge for safety. The closest neighbor agreed to provide electric power to run the sawzall. Pat agreed to help. In a few years we may have to replace the bridge, but this should do for now. (Board agreed to this.)

  6. Still planning to paint the upper trim on the shed.

Pat- Two receipts- for shed caulk and poison ivy spray- to reimburse Mike


  • Ray- thank you to ACCE cmte for responding to the RV situations/complaints. And, great job with neighbors talking to neighbors. THANK YOU!

  • Trailer at Highwood Place- having trouble with title, etc. Will remain until mid-July.

  • Trailer on New Salem- was removed within 7 days of the letter.

  • Trailer at Belding Ct- asked to speak with BHOA about their situation. Will remain until July 1, 2023.

  • Discussion ensued about trailers in general and the nature of “storage.”

    • Communication is key- tell your neighbors about your plans! Tell the HOA about your plans!

    • The Board will not address anonymous/unsigned complaints.

    • Form on website for 1) people to tell us about their plans and 2) for people to submit a complaint


  • Ray and Pat have met to discuss the budget.

    • Ray: For years, HOA has done a horrible job of keeping track of expenditures, receipts, etc. We need to do a better job of keeping track of things so we can leave better records for future boards.

    • Pat: looking at previous years, no consistency, nothing is itemized, totals were by year and/or groupings (maintenance, events, etc.).

    • Pat: We are at baseline at this point; we need to start from scratch.

    • Ray: Everything from this point forward should go through QB and be invoiced/paid through there. -There should be no double entry in QB and 5/3.

Picnic Budget

  • 2021- $1,400

  • 2022- $2000 (origionally budgeted $1,400, but due to inflation increased budget to $2,000 in June '22 and bought own canopies instead of renting)

  • 2023- $1400

NNO/Ice Cream Social

  • 2022- $1200

  • 2023-?

  • Should NNO become the bigger event? Instead of picnic?

  • Pat- suggested prelim budget of $800 for ice cream social; Ray seconded

    • Motion carries 4-1

      • Yay- Ray, Pat, Tom, Jean

      • Nay- Monica

Motion to adjourn- Ray; Tom seconded. All in favor.

Meeting adjourned 8:32pm

-By Monica Fochtman

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