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June Meeting Minutes

Updated: Apr 8

Briarwood Homeowners Association

Tuesday, June, June 8, 2021

Board Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm.

  • Munishamaiah, Byrd - Daniels, E. Pahl. C. Pahl, Styka, Fochtman, Zwier were present.

  • Virtual guests included Dan Fedorowicz, Jon Griese, Meg Elias and Michelle Ann Szidik

  • Munishamaiah motioned to approve the May minutes. Motion was supported by C. Pahl and approved unanimously.

  1. Treasurer’s report : $### in Savings, $### in checking, $### on CD. 28 residents still owe dues for this year. $8363.62 outstanding debt on dues. $1950.00 is from this year. Ist and 2nd notices have been issued to homeowners who still owe dues. Before 3rd notice goes out, a phone call will be made to make sure homeowner has received previous letters. An 8% interest charge will be made on all unpaid dues. Homeowners will be given until mid- August before the BHOA will start the lien process.

  2. Committee Reports

  3. Publicity/ Communications – Cory Pahl reported that there were WIX payment issues. Residents reported that payment was made but WIX indicated non-payment. Cory said the issue was resolved, and all residents got credit for payment.

  4. Events – The Neighborhood Garage Sale was a big success. 32 + residents had sales. 42 residents opted for the special trash pick-up. It cost $35.00 this year, but Granger indicated it will increase next year. Elizabeth Pahl requested that the large garage sale banner should say Friday and Saturday.

    1. There will be two Food Truck events. Crystal’s Kitchen on June 13th, from 1pm to 5pm at the Nature Park. Shove It Pizza will be there on June 24th from 4:30 pm to 7:00pm. Also at the Nature Park.

  5. Maintenance -

    1. The missing street sign at Yosemite and Hemingway was reported to the Ingham County Road Commission who is responsible for replacing it.

    2. Landscaping at the Heritage Entrance will have to wait for Fall. Until then Black mulch will be placed on weed prevention fabric.

    3. Georgia and Elizabeth walked the three pathways to determine needs. All three paths need to have branches trimmed back, and weeds killed. Still to be determined is what lights are non-functioning.

    4. The Nature Park needs trees trimmed back on path, limestone renewed on pathway, weeds killed and fence removed or replaced.

    5. Elizabeth Pahl reported that the tree on the Raleigh cul-de-sac is dying and should be removed. Two tree experts both agreed that the tree only has a few years left. The board agreed, not to spend money to have dead limbs removed. Georgia will check with the Ingham County Road Commission to determine when the tree will be removed.

  6. Nominations - Todd Wilson, and James Cuik have resigned their positions on the BHOA board. Members were asked to look for two new members to be appointed by the board.

  7. Welcoming - Alyse Munishamaiah reported that she and Elizabeth Pahl are compiling information that new residents would find beneficial.

  8. ACCE Requests

    1. 3940 Binghampton – Resident Kate Heller-Cesario’s request to install new casement windows was approved unanimously.

    2. 1827 Yosemite Dr.- Resident Eric Yskes request to add a patio, remove a diseased tree, fix driveway with an extension was approved with a vote of 6-0-1.

    3. 3880 Sheldrake Ave. – Resident Melissa Itsell was requesting approval to add a 10’ x 12’ shed. This request was turned down by a vote of 2 – 5. Reasons cited; it was too big.

  9. Violation Notifications

    1. 2156 Tamarack – Homeowners were called. They moved truck to their driveway.

    2. Binghampton – Homeowner was sent 2nd notice of violation of covenants/bylaws. Boat was moved.

    3. A notification procedure was outlined by Kayla- Byrd Daniels she would like to follow:

      1. 1st notification sent to resident in violation outlining violation and requested action to be taken by resident.

      2. 2nd notification sent seven days after the date the 1st notification was sent, reminding resident of violation and action the BHOA will take if not taken care of possible fine or lien on home.

    4. Kayla will present to BHOA board a document delineation steps for violations to the board for final approval at the July meeting.

  10. Old Business

    1. Garden Water Supply – Water totes were filled by Meridian Township at no cost through use of water from a nearby hydrant.

  11. New Business

    1. Natural Playground Proposal in Nature Park - Guest, Meg Elias, Gave a Power Point presentation on creating a natural playground in the Nature Park. She presented a timeline for completion by the end of July. Questions were raised at what if any insurance cost there would be to the BHOA. Monica Fochtman will contact our insurance carrier to answer this question. Cory Pahl will contact the Township to obtain an accurate map of the area.

    2. Eagle Scout Project - Dan Fedorowicz, an Eagle Scout proposed a project for completion by the end of August or the beginning of September. He would like to place in the Nature Park and along the pond, informational signs about the flora and fauna, wildlife, fish in those two areas. Unanimous approval was given to Dan to proceed with the project.

    3. Speeding on Tamarack and Heritage – A discussion took place on what could be done to alleviate this problem. Signs to slow down, speed humps, were of little benefit according to the Township. The best way, is the presence of law enforcement. Monica Fochtman will contact the Meridian Police about the possibility of having a greater police presence on these two streets.

    4. Splitting ACCE committee into two – this item was tabled until the next meeting.

    5. Comments by guests, and members ( because of time restraint no comments were not made).

The meeting was adjourned at 9:31

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