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March 2022 Meeting Minutes

Updated: Apr 8

  1. Call to Order 7:07pm

  2. Roll Call – Elizabeth Pahl, Monica Fochtman, Alyse Munishamaiah, Anne Billings, Kayla Byrd-Daniels, Jim Rypkema, Raymond Poirier; Jean Zwier, absent – Georgia Styka

  3. Announcements – Sympathies to Georgia and the entire Styka family after Ron’s recent passing

  4. Committee Reports

    1. President –

      1. no updates; minutes from annual meeting to be approved at later time

    2. Treasurer –

      1. checking $###; savings - $###; CD - $###; 76 outstanding dues for 2022 ($6,846.62 - $1,033.62 outstanding from prior years; total owed); outstanding LIEN approved by Registrar of Deeds and check has been cashed

    3. Publicity/Communications –

      1. newsletter to be sent in April; working on Cory Pahl’s transition to whoever takes over Communications Chair (Cory willing to train on all duties such as website, Wix, etc)

    4. Events –

      1. just finished event on 3/6 with Kona Ice truck (waiting on number of participants); 10 food trucks scheduled throughout the summer June- September/October, dates finalized by the time newsletter is sent

    5. Maintenance –

      1. New Mowing/Plowing Service –

        1. contract ended with Blue Ridge (due to performance issues, not fulfilling their contract, no communication with board, not being billed, inaccurate record keeping)

        2. under new 1-year contract with Sisu; Monica to sign electronic contract ASAP (no hard copy available)

          1. Kayla/Elizabeth to reach out to Sisu contact to inquire about electronic invoicing and payment

      2. Pathway Lights –

        1. FD Hayes came and tilted the lights all the way down to reduce the brightness, looking at options for continuing to reduce excessive brightness (shadow box to direct the light, new lights, lens cap/filter, etc); must be careful not to modify it to the point the warranty is voided

        2. Inquiring about refund or credit toward another purchase due to professional misjudgment on lumens/brightness; FD Hayes states these are common parking lights despite being used on a pathway

        3. Discussing getting opinions/suggestions from other companies re: solutions;

      3. Heritage Entrance Light

        1. Fixed, electrician glued it back together and stated it looked like it had been hit with something

      4. Discuss R&D Weed and Feed

        1. Continuing same contract: 4x per year weed and feed all entrances, 2 circles, directly in front of nature park; $846 is discounted per year when paid in advance

    6. Nominations – None

      1. Question – Should this committee handle the voting? Per the bylaws there should be an elections committee; seems like this would be a duty for Nominations to take over.

      2. Challenge: many people put their dues with their ballots, writing all over

    7. Welcoming - None

    8. ACCE – deck request for home on Heritage/New Salem: deck was put up prior to board response but it’s approved, and home is on sale currently

  5. New Business

    1. Selection of Officers

      1. President – nom & 2nd for Monica Fochtman; 1 abstention, all others yes

      2. Vice President – nom Kayla & 2nd Jim for Elizabeth Pahl; 1 abstention, all others yes

      3. Secretary - nom Monica & 2nd Kayla for Alyse Munishamaiah; 1 abstention, all others yes

      4. Treasurer – nom Kayla & 2nd Monica for Kayla Byrd-Daniels: 1 abstention, all others yes

        1. Discussing the need for an “elect” or “assistant” due to training, hand off reasons; Raymond Poirier expressed interest

    2. Committee Assignments

      1. Maintenance – Elizabeth: Chair, Jean, Jim, Kayla, Elizabeth, Alyse, Anne

      2. Nominations – Monica: Chair; Jean, Anne

      3. ACCE – Kayla: Chair; Alyse, Jean, Anne, Elizabeth

      4. Events – Elizabeth: Chair, Anne, Monica

      5. Communications – Monica: Chair,

      6. Welcoming – Raymond: Chair, Anne,

        1. Suggested reaching out to local realtors to encourage them to proactively let buyers know Briarwood properties are part of an HOA

    3. 2022 Events Approved: Kayla moves to approve; Alyse second – vote passes unanimously

      1. May 13-15 – Chalk Your Walk

      2. June-September – Food Trucks

      3. June 24-25 – Garage Sale

      4. June 26 – Trash to Treasure

      5. June 24, 25, 26 – Kona Ice Fundraiser (for some undetermined cause – possibly playground)

      6. June 28 - Special Trash Pickup

      7. August 2 – National Night Out Ice Cream Social

      8. September 17 – Picnic

      9. September 18 – Picnic Rain Date

      10. October 31 – Halloween Kick-Off

    4. 2022 Events Vote Tabled:

      1. April 30 – Arbor Day volunteer cleanup/tree planting (additional $150-$300)

      2. May or June – Movie Night (additional $800)

      3. December 20 – Holiday Light Contest (additional $150)

      4. December 24 – Luminary Event

      5. Throughout the Year – Scavenger Hunt (additional $50)

    5. 2022 Budget: Alyse moves to approve operating budget for 2022, Jean – second; passes unanimously

      1. Proposed budget reviewed and voted on:

      2. Dues have not kept pace with inflation or costs of bare minimum (maintenance)

      3. Tabled:

        1. Capital Expenses – Playground, Water at garden, limestone for walkway in the natural area, new “Briarwood Resident Only” property signs

        2. Professional Fees – Legal Fees

    6. Tamarack Entrance Redesign Proposal – Kayla moves to table, Alyse second; passes unanimously

    7. Fence Guideline Document – Alyse moves to approve fence guidance document, Jean seconds; passes; 6 yes, 1 opposed

  6. Old Business

    1. Pond Pump (Jean) – no updates

    2. Recreation Playground (Elizabeth) – no updates; still working on it Nature Park (Elizabeth) – would like to have a special meeting with just Cory and Elizabeth with David and Kevin to discuss with how to move forward

  7. Member Comments - none

  8. Adjourn – Alyse moves to adjourn, Jean seconds; meeting adjourns 9:23pm

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