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May 2022 Meeting Minutes

Updated: Apr 8

Briarwood Homeowners’ Association Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, May 10, 2022


  1. Call to Order - 7:07pm

  1. Roll Call - Kayla Byrd-Daniels; Jim Rypkema; Elizabeth Pahl; Raymond Poirier; Alyse Munishamaiah; Monica Fochtman; Jean Zwier

    1. Jim and Ray left meeting at 8:30pm; quorum still met for duration of meeting

  1. Approval of April Meeting Minutes - Kayla moves to approves - Jean seconds; unanimously passed (1 abstention)

  1. Announcements

  1. Committee Reports

    1. President

      1. Thank you for running the meeting in April.

    2. Treasurer

      1. Checking $###; Savings $###; CD $###

      2. 61 outstanding dues; 3 people have paid since the last meeting

      3. Working on learning Quickbooks, getting it set up to automate and track things more efficiently. Trying to get paying dues online more accessible to more people (not just using PayPal); potential to link garden plots & more for ease of tracking.

      4. Moving towards getting taxes sorted. Not technically a non-profit so cannot do form 990.

      5. Setting things up to transition more easily to future boards. Thanks to Ray for helping to get things set up.

      6. CD expires in August and Board will need to vote whether to renew it or not

    3. Publicity/Communications

      1. MailChimp: There are emails in the account, can be downloaded and cross referenced for setting up QuickBooks/treasury purposes. Not an email for every home, but just under 400 are in there.

      2. Newsletter: It’s finished and has been submitted for printing. Discussion about having an option for people to “opt in” to getting a digital copy of the newsletter/website via QR code in the fall newsletter. This keeps the hard copy standard for less tech savvy residents.

    4. Events

      1. Chalk Your Walk coming up this weekend 5/14-15

      2. Set up special trash pickup with Granger - cost is $42, limit is 3 bulk items per household, homes must register at least 1 week in advance; details on website

      3. Kona Ice Fundraiser (in conjunction with garage sale dates) - Set for 6/25

      4. National Night Out - Update: MSU Dairy Store is confirmed instead of Kona Ice for NNO after feedback from residents that there was “no ice cream at ice cream social” last year when only Kona Ice was present.

      5. Discussion about charging non-residents who attend Briarwood events; price breakdown per house hold about $12-$15 for events. Considering charging about $5 per event for non-residents (incl. guests of residents, Fox Hollow, Briarwood East, etc). Residents who have unpaid dues who attend events - use events as an opportunity to connect.

    5. Maintenance

      1. Tamarack Entrance footprint was made smaller and will require less maintenance; work is complete as of 5/10. 3 new 6’ junipers were installed after seeing the old ones were in very bad condition (additional ($942.50), junipers were straightened on the Heritage Entrance as well

      2. Utility workers on south side of Tamarack entrance ruined the grass; Meridian Twp to be contacted by resident to be reseeded

      3. Pathway lights - FD Hayes has not yet been contacted by the 6th light; have not heard any further complaints after they’ve been adjusted down

      4. Tree in recreation park will be taken care of by SISU; funds coming from the spring cleaning budget

      5. Pond - SISU did not go around the perimeter of the pond, but mowed the vacant lot next to the resident who lives next to the pond (owned by resident); this was clarified and corrected.

      6. Upcoming projects: need to figure out budget for certain projects such as limestone in nature park, sidewalk to Kinawa, large refresh projects in the recreation area (such as trimming/clearing brush/seeding, baseball cages, removal of concrete, adding amenities), need updated property signs “Briarwood residents only” “Dogs must be on leash” Pond sign

        1. Kayla - get quote for limestone path for nature park; to get with Elizabeth, Alyse and Jean to break down Rec area tasks

        2. Jean - Rec area (to get with Elizabeth and Alyse to break down tasks)

        3. Alyse - Rec area (to get with Elizabeth and Jean to break down tasks)

        4. Monica - volunteered to help get quotes for sidewalk to Belding Ct./Kinawa

    6. Nominations

      1. Vacancy - 2 Vacancies (Georgia and Anne resignations)

      2. Needing more structure for board member transitions; Monica volunteered to help develop this

    7. Welcoming

      1. Ray to pick up Welcoming Kits from Alyse ASAP

      2. Ray and Jean to welcome new members

    8. ACCE

      1. Elizabeth to step down from committee, Jim to take her spot as 5th member

      2. 3917 Sheldrake

        1. Awaiting response from homeowner; work has already begun/concluded and a violation letter has been sent

      3. 2151 Belding Ct

        1. Fence request - unanimously approved by all 5 of ACCE members

      4. Concerns with flips/work being done with no ACCE requests being submitted.

      5. Issue raised with property on the corner of Crooked Creek and Valley Brook. Raised beds in the front yard, 4 galvanized steel containers have been added to property. Jean to draft letter regarding the situation.

  1. New Business

  2. Capital Expenditures

    1. Maintenance projects: How much to spend, how much to save as a cushion? Condo associations recommend 10%, other orgs 20% in reserve funds; need to assess current budget, current earmarks, see how much, if any, is left to work with.

    2. Liens - HOA association to work with residents to discharge liens; explore potential costs associated

  1. Old Business

    1. Vote on March Meeting Minutes

      1. Elizabeth - moves to approve and Kayla seconds; unanimously passes by 5 present members (Jim and Ray left meeting at 8:30pm)

    2. Meridian Township Special Permit Meeting

      1. Jean attended meeting - Bickford Senior Care (Memory Care unit expansion) to remove existing white house, try to retain the barn and will slope hill down from that area so the structure to be built will be on the same level as the rest of their buildings. Several sick trees to be removed, replanting many new native varieties to avoid diseases, etc. Some discussion over potential alarms and ambulance activity, but not much concern. Developer very amiable and open to discussion and concerned about making sure Briarwood residents are seriously considered and given voice. Informal township vote/approval granted upon certain conditions.

    3. Pond Pump (Jean)

      1. Nothing new to report.

    4. Nature Park (Elizabeth)

      1. Concerned resident wished to meet with Board Member for “exploratory conversation” and would like to meet as a small group with Board Member, concerned resident, and an additional individual. The resident keeps forgetting to follow up, been going back and forth for months; Board will accept concerns and comments in regular board meetings during Member Comments. No private to be held with Board Members.

      2. Elizabeth and Meg meeting to finish the children’s natural play area.

      3. Resident shared a photo with Monica of a teen sitting on one of the stumps in the natural area reading a book, enjoying the outdoor space.

    5. Community Garden

      1. Est water line installed 1st or 2nd week of June, dependent upon Township

      2. Compost being delivered Thursday, 5/12

      3. Garden will be tilled week of 5/10

      4. Exploring a permanent fence

      5. Water totes to be removed by Lansing Area Community Garden Club in June once water line is installed

  1. Member Comments

    1. None

  1. Adjourn

    1. Elizabeth moves to adjourn, Kayla seconds; unanimously passes with 5 votes at 8:54pm

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