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May 2023 Meeting Minutes

BRIARWOOD HOA meeting- May 8, 2023

Kathi Rypkema resigned. All Board members present.

April Minutes approved- Ray motion, Tom second


Need website photo; send to Monica Fochtman

Pat- Garden dues out via QuickBooks. Over 50% submitted so far. Working well.

Jean- Garden. Thanks, Pat for help with emails and garden invoices.

Fence construction started today, 5/8/23. Thank you, Szidiks & other volunteers, for your help unloading supplies.

Ray- hoping to send out Annual dues invoices via QuickBooks too; cheaper than PayPal fees


Maintenance- Mike. Full report is in Google Drive.

  • Do we own the cul-de-sacs? Mike will ask at Township who “owns” them & is therefore responsible for maintaining them. Have we been doing it unnecessarily?

  • Tree down in ball diamond in recreation park- East Meadow responsible

  • Mike and Pat have been working on the shed: caulked for bees; painting support beams; needs roof (not imminent).

  • Footpath needs. Mike got multiple quotes.

  • Mike motions to have Sisu fix school cut-thru paths; Ray seconds. Approved unanimously.

  • Need to get quotes re: foot path from Tamarack south to Recreation Park

  • Footpath lighting correction- too bright. Mike is working on getting proposals to mitigate.

Treasurer- Pat

  • In process of moving everything over to QuickBooks.

  • Checking to make sure all addresses are current.

  • $314 of $568 garden dues submitted. Second reminder going out next week.

  • Will send dues second notice to people via QB.

  • $50 township water bill for summer 2022, paid.

  • Checking- $43,180. 07; Savings- $50,593.52.

  • Pat motion; Jean second- expenses $50 and under for maintenance will be re-imbursed; reconcile monthly

  • R & D has sprayed once; we get 10% if we pre-pay for future applications. Pat motions, Ray seconds- Approved unanimously.

ACCE Committee

Requests for Shed & Fence; will be decided in committee

Camper in driveway letter, ACCE committee members will rotate responsibility for sending out letters


Jean. No report.

Future agenda items

  • Playground proposal

    • Will be discussed at future meeting. Need to get handle on finances first.

    • Should we survey residents: do you support replacing play structure in Recreation Park?

  • Conversation on raising dues in future

Motion to adjourn- Ray. Jean seconded. 8:33pm.

Next mtg. June 13

Submitted by Monica Fochtman


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