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November 2021 Meeting Minutes

Updated: Apr 8

The meeting was call to order at 7:08 pm.

Members present were E. Pahl, C.Pahl. Fochtman, Byrd-Daniels, Zwier. Absent members were Styka and Munishaiama

October minutes – one addition was made by Jean Zwier to include the fact that the board had considered replacing the

light on the Recreation Playing field. This topic was tabled for further consideration. The minutes were approved with

the addition.

Committee Reports – Thanks was extended to Elizabeth Pahl for all the work done on the Halloween Parade.

Additional thanks was given to Cory Pahl and Jean Zwier for their help with the event and helping to clean up

afterwards. Meg Elias and her family, Ellen Dore and her family, John Greece, the Goodman Family, and Fiona and

Patch Baldwin were also thanked for their help on this event.

President Fochtman reminded all that official business of the BHOA takes place at the meetings, which all members of

The BHOA are invited to attend. The minutes and the BHOA newsletter, both written and electronic, are official sources.

Face Book and other email sources such as “Your Briarwood Neighbor”, are not official.

The treasurer, Kayla Byrd-Daniels reported that we have a balance of $### in the checking account, $###

in the savings account, and $### on the CD. She has contacted Blue Ridge but has not heard anything back from

them. Work is still being done. The last payment to Blue Ridge was made almost a year ago. Monica suggested that a

letter should be sent. Dues notice will be sent out in December for 2022.

The Fall Newsletter was sent into Paper Image. They indicated that it would come out the third week of November.

Mailed to current resident. Focus of newsletter was point out that we are a community, that we are all in this together,

and that we are all neighbors.

Events: Halloween Parade - Elizabeth reported that she was pleased with the amount of volunteer help she received.

Except for the Pizza, nothing had to be purchased in addition to what we already had on hand. Many items were

donated for the event. $50.00 was budgeted, actual amount spent was $106.00. The event was well attended. More

than 90 children received Goody bags. It was recommended that only plain and pepperoni pizza be ordered next year.

Luminaries would be available for use on Dec. 21., the Winter Solstice, the beginning of winter. This date was chosen because it was non-denominational and would be more inclusive. A form on the website would be available for those interested in getting luminaries. Luminaries can be reused on other dates.

Maintenance – Pathway lights would be installed during the third week of November. The Heritage entrance light would also be addressed. Currently lights on the Binghampton Pathway are manually set to start and end. The board decided to look into changing this into a sensor -controlled system. Elizabeth will investigate the cost of this replacement and notify Board members of the cost to change the system.

Nominations – A call for applications in the Newsletter on line and in print are being sought. Members whose term is up are Fochtman, Styka and C. Pahl. Fochtman will be running again. Full applications received for those running will be available on the BHOA website. Mini bios of candidates will be on the actual ballot.

Future maintenance - side walk excavation for the pathway in the recreation park, to turn it back into a viable walking path. R and D Landscaping made a bid of $2913.54 for this project. Work could be done this winter or in the Spring.

The second project is a Brush pile clean up behind 2187 Tamarack Dr.. The area would be excavated and cleared of leaves and debris. Grass would be planted. A large Pine nearby would have area underneath it cleared out and mulch placed to discourage weed growth. Bid was $1915.15.

The third project would be to have the Baseball backstop cleaned out and possibly moved. Bid is $1197.59

Jean Zweir indicated that there were other homes that had brush growing behind their homes as well. It would be prudent to query other homeowners to see if they would like brush behind their homes removed as well.

A vote on these projects will be tabled until more information available.

Maintenance contracts for 2022 are up for bid. Blue Ridge contract is up In October of 2022. Elizabeth Pahl is looking for new contractors to provide services for mowing etc. Bids coming in are very expensive. Jean Zweir will contact Brenda Howser, mother of Brian Howser, the owner of Blue Ridge. The goal is to have an address to send payment to.

Shed and Fence Guidelines - The Shed Guidelines were written in 2015, the Fence Guidelines were written in 2016. These are not changes to by-laws. Historically sheds have been approved that are larger than 8 x 8 x 19 and fences higher than 4 ft. These approvals have been exceptions to written guidelines. Discussion followed. Goals of the BHOA Board is to keep up the value of homes. It was the consensus of members present that the goal is also for residents to keep in mind that they are neighbors and to consider their neighbors as well. More clear-cut guidelines are needed.

Keeping these larger goals in mind, the goal of the revised guidelines would be to make the decision to approve easier for the applicant and the Board, notwithstanding previous decisions. Including pictures of approved fences/sheds would be beneficial.

Monica Fochtman will endeavor to re-write the existing guidelines. Board members are encouraged to read them and make changes they think would be beneficial.

No new updates on the Pond Pump.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:03 pm.

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