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November 2022 Meeting Minutes

Briarwood Homeowners’ Association Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

  1. Call to Order

  2. 7:18 pm

  1. Roll Call

  2. Monica Fochtman

  3. Ray Poirier

  4. Alyse Munishamaiah

  5. Jean Zwier

  6. Kayla Byrd-Daniels

  1. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes

  2. September Meetings - Approved

  3. Motion - Alyse Munishmaiah

  4. Seconded - Kayla Byrd-Daniels

  5. October Meetings - No one wanted to vote - these are informal

  1. Announcements

  1. Committee Reports

  2. President

  3. Treasurer

  4. Checking - $29,208.46

  5. Savings - $50,588.48

  6. Outstanding Dues - 14

  7. Expenses - nothing that I know about at this time

  8. Publicity/Communications

  9. Monica will be emailing late November with updates regarding the nominations and friendly reminders.

  10. Newsletter - need content by 11/18/22 - Jean and Kayla will finalize and get it out by the end of November

  11. Events

  12. Halloween Parade Recap

  13. 3 sponsors - provided candy, pizza and cider/donuts

  14. About 50 people attended

  15. Luminaries

  16. Just providing candles and sand if needed to create their own luminary vessels

  17. We will hold it 12/24 and it can be done anytime

  18. Maintenance

  19. Sisu contract renewal - forwarded to Monica

  20. Sisu informed us that they do not handle the clean up needed in the recreation park, so far all we have quoting is R&D Landscape

  21. FD Hayes - lighting issues and warranty issues - they put really bright lights because it sounded like they were under the impression that bright lights were needed to prevent vandalism

  22. Beech nut tree in the nature park needs taken down it has a disease - a neighbor (horticulturist from MSU) brought it to our attention, it could get beech snap, could be a safety issue

  23. Received notice from Meridian Township about some sidewalks that will be fixed

  24. Nominations

  25. Jean Zwier is going to run again

  26. Monica Fochtman- term is up in 2025

  27. Alyse Munishmaiah - term is up in 2024

  28. May not be able to commit to full-time next year due to beginning a doctorate program and new job

  29. Ray Poirier - term is up in 2025

  30. Tom Davis - term is up in 2023

  31. Kayla Byrd-Daniels - term is up in 2023

  32. Elizabeth Pahl - term is up in 2024

  33. She is stepping down

  34. Meeting quarterly could be an option to consider.

  35. Monica needs to know by 11/18/22 for who is re-running

  36. Welcoming

  37. Ray says he has handed out about 25 packets.

  38. ACCE

  39. Campers need to be addressed still

  1. New Business/Discussion

  2. Jean brought up the idea of leaf pick up throughout the neighborhood, as a reason to increase dues.

  3. Discussed providing neighbors the option to opt into electronic only dues notices and newsletters.

  1. Old Business

  2. Pond Pump (Jean)

  3. No updates

  1. Member Comments

  1. Adjourn

  2. Motion - Jean

  3. Second - Alyse

  4. Approved at 8:32 pm

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