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September 2022 Meeting Minutes

Briarwood Homeowners’ Association Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, September 12, 2022


  1. Call to Order - 7:05pm

  1. Roll Call - Monica Fochtman Kayla Byrd-Daniels Jean Zwier Alyse Munishamaiah Raymond Poirier Gus Breymann

  1. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes - Raymond Poirier - motions; Alyse Munishamaiah - seconds; 4 yes, 1 abstention; motion passes

  1. Announcements - None

  1. Committee Reports

    1. President

      1. Monica will be sending fall email newsletter re: picnic and Halloween

      2. Dues reminders

      3. Pick up after dogs/mow lawns

      4. Reminder about limited signage/political signs (in the Covenants)

      5. Keep leaves out of street drains/don’t rake leaves into street

      6. Notification of board looking at increasing of dues

    2. Treasurer

      1. Checking - $38,312.25

      2. Savings - $50,586.78

      3. CD - Account has been closed as of mid-August, balance rolled into savings

      4. Outstanding Dues - 19 properties outstanding (3 have prior balances); total outstanding $3,707.24 (current FY dues $2,673.62 + prior balances $1033.62)

      5. Expenses - maintenance and newsletter are large, recurring expenses; waiting to hear from Meridian Township re: community garden water final bill - have paid $1,700 towards it

    3. Publicity/Communications

      1. Monica will send picnic and Halloween communication electronically

      2. Volunteer related communications

      3. Offer to help Elizabeth Pahl with hard copy newsletter

        1. Spring newsletter went out late, can we push back fall newsletter accordingly?

        2. Jean Zwier offered to help with formatting/content/coordinating Paper Image to mail it

        3. Discussion about doing away with paper newsletters or opt in or opt out option

    4. Events

      1. Food Trucks Review

      2. Need for Volunteers

        1. Picnic- 9/17

        2. Halloween- 10/31

          1. Ray to head the event, Jean and Monica to assist

    5. Maintenance

      1. Rec Park Estimates/Timeline - Alyse to reach out to R&D and update our prices to move forward; Jean to send Alyse Bob Barkham email/phone to get second quote

      2. Raleigh Tree - has a watering bag that is being filled weekly by neighbors

      3. Pathway lights - Middle pathway lights were on a manual timer but have been changed and has a light that was not ever updated - waiting on estimate for FD Hayes to replace; blinking light is being replaced by FD Hayes; no timeline for any light projects

    6. Nominations

      1. At 7 Board Members, supposed to have 9

      2. Monica reached out to 2 individuals who expressed interest at National Night Out but they have not responded

      3. Need Nominating Committee; Monica volunteered to be on it; call for volunteers to help with nominations will be added to fall email newsletters

    7. Welcoming

      1. Ray has delivered about 6 welcoming packets to new neighbors

    8. ACCE

      1. Have had a number of submissions that ACCE has followed up on with questions and have not heard back from the property owners

      2. 1 fence request on New Salem is out of the 30 day window that has been approved but neighbors had not been notified

      3. A significant number of out-of-state inquiries

      4. Issues with people in the middle of purchasing Briarwood properties submitting ACCE requests; concern with homebuyers pulling offers based on ACCE approvals

        1. Potential solutions: Realtors need to be educated on Briarwood covenants and communicating that to buyers; ACCE does not respond to requests until person submitting request is the property owner; buyer may submit prior to closing if wishing to make changes quickly after purchase, ACCE to provide answer once notified of closing to allow quick turnaround

  1. New Business/Discussion

    1. Campers/Trailers

      1. Issues with non-responsive violaters

      2. Board members uncomfortable emailing violaters from personal board email due to individual backlash

      3. Monica to set up ACCE email account for “committee” response rather than personal board email

      4. Need to be consistent with all ACCE violations and encourage direct neighbor to neighbor communication

      5. One ACCE member should not be responsible for sending all violation letters

        1. Excel sheet to be created for address, violation, which ACCE member is assigned to the violation, date of first notice, date of second notice 7 days later

    2. Briarwood East Inquiry

      1. We are receiving a lot of status noticed from title companies in Briarwood East and demanding a contact for Briarwood East

      2. Inquiries from new/potential Briarwood East property owners asking if they can join Briarwood HOA instead due to lack of activity and organization in Briarwood East

      3. Briarwood East board member inquired merging due to “apathetic” board and lack of neighborhood support

      4. Possibilities: No legal joining of boards/HOAs but informally allow residents to come to events, etc for a cost; request needs to come from Briarwood East to join Briarwood due to re-deeding issue.

      5. Issues: Covenants are attached to our deeds; this means everyone in Briarwood East would have to pay to re-deed their properties to join our Covenants. Even if Briarwood agrees to merge, the initiation would need to come from Briarwood East. It would also need to go to a full vote of membership/property owners. Difficulty with estimating attendance for events if Briarwood East is informally invited to attend with fees (possible solution - Briarwood East contributes lump sum towards events annually).

    3. Discuss expenses/events/maintenance and costs

      1. Being cognizant of budgets when planning events, prioritizing projects.

      2. Overspending on events or projects means it has to come from another project or event.

      3. Be aware of increased post-COVID prices when budgeting for future events/projects

  1. Old Business

    1. Pond Pump (Jean) - no updates

  1. Member Comments - none

  1. Adjourn - motion to adjourn 8:46pm by Alyse, Monica seconds; unanimously passes

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