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2024 Garage Sale

The BHOA Community Garage Sale will be held Friday, June 7 and Saturday, June 8 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Trash-to-Treasure will be all day on Sunday, June 9.

If you would like your address listed on the garage sale map please send an email with your name and address to:

If you would like to participate in the special trash pick-up, please visit:

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2024 BHOA Community Clean-Up

The 2024 BHOA Community Clean-Up by Granger (or "Special Trash Day") will be Tuesday, June 11, 2024 (small items) and Wednesday, June 12, 2024 (larger/bulk items, 3 max.). Cost is $46.50 ($45.00 + $1.

Newly Elected BHOA Board

Congratulations to the newly elected board members: Kristen Leary (3-Year, 2024-2027) Chrislyn Particka (1-Year, 2024-2025) Jean Zwier (1-Year, 2024-2025) Jim Rypkema (1-Year, 2024-2025) Kayla Byrd-Da

Newly Elected Board Members

Congratulations to the newly elected board members: Kayla Byrd-Daniels (2021-2023) James Ciuk (2021-2024) Alyse Johnson (2021-2024) Elizabeth Pahl (2021-2022) Cory Pahl (2021-2024) Todd Wilson (2021-2


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