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December 2022 Meeting Minutes

Updated: Apr 8

Briarwood Homeowners’ Association Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

  1. Call to Order 7:04pm

  1. Roll Call All members present; Monica Fochtman, Kayla Byrd-Daniels, Ray Poirier, Tom Davis, Jean Zwier, Alyse Munishamaiah

  1. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes Jean motioned to approve, Kayla seconds; passes unanimously

  1. Announcements - congratulations to the Pahls on the birth of their son

  1. Committee Reports

    1. President - needed to get a new Zoom account/link as old account/link was tied to previous president’s email which is defunct; new link has been shared to website and is now tied to info@briarwood to ease future new transitions

    2. Treasurer

      1. Checking - $###

      2. Savings - $###

      3. Outstanding Dues - 14 homes outstanding; no change

      4. Expenses -

        1. Zoom - paid $158 annual fee

        2. Luminaries - paid for candles

        3. Newsletter -

        4. New annual contract with SISU lawn/snow removal - voted via email and will be renewed for 2023

        5. Dues notices/ballots - need dues notices, ballots to be stuffed; Paper Image didn’t address correctly last time and they can’t do it at this time of the year; explore commercial printers; best to get these out prior to end of the year as many were paid prior to annual meeting which was helpful

    3. Publicity/Communications

      1. Newsletter (Monica & Jean) - content has been submitted; needs to go to printer ASAP; considering doing an annual document (spring) instead of 2 per year due to the amount of work it takes to put together and cost to have them printed and sent; exploring electronic communication/email - must stay on top of people moving out/in and capturing emails

    4. Events

      1. Luminaries - encouraging people to put them out on Christmas Eve; 640 candles have been ordered at a cost of $284 (not tea lights as they blow out/fall over easily); working with Cory Pahl to get luminary sign onto the website; 64 houses with 10 luminaries each will be able to participate this year with HOA materials - all welcome to join beyond this number but may have to provide own materials; bin of materials will be at Monica’s house by her lightpost and this will be communicated via email

  1. Maintenance

    1. Sisu Mowing/Plowing Contract (See email) - increases of material cost and small increase per service, but no hourly rate increase; minimal increases over all; voted and approved via email

  2. Nominations

    1. Ballot (See email) - ballot is written, added clearer instructions this year; ready to be sent

  3. Welcoming - no updates

  4. ACCE - no new requests have been received; had some questions about a new fence going in on Heritage; discussion about how much of an explanation and how much (if any) homeowner’s personal information to divulge to inquiries regarding ACCE decisions

  1. New Business/Discussion

    1. Garden (Jean) - community garden is applying for a $5k grant from Home Depot towards material costs; received 2 quotes for a fence around the community garden ranging from $13K-$15K; Lansing Area Garden Project adding Briarwood Community Garden to their insurance policy as required to be eligible for grant; Phase I est completion end of summer 2023; Phase II end of summer 2024 pending receiving the grant; some discussion about making the garden wider (1 additional row on Fox Hollow side) prior to adding permanent fence; already people on waiting list for a garden plot; $500 raised from selling produce

    2. Pathway light (See email) - Conversation about replacing the flickering light on pathway closest to creek/Kinawa. New light would be lower wattage. Jean will continue to communicate with FD Hayes about wattage, warranty, and labor costs to install new light.

  2. Old Business

    1. Pond Pump (Jean)

  1. Member Comments

  1. Adjourn

    1. Tom Davis Motioned

    2. Jean Zwier Seconded

    3. 812pm

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