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July Meeting Minutes

Minutes of July 13, 2021, Briarwood Homeowners Association virtual Board Meeting

  • The meeting was called to order at 7:04 pm.

  • Fochtman, Byrd- Daniels, Styka, C. Pahl, E. Pahl, Munishamaiah, and Zwier were all present, no absences.

  • Virtual guests included: Duane Quantas, Lynne Page, Jessica Hester, and Senthivelan Kaylar.

  • The minutes of the June 8, 2021, meeting were approved unanimously.

  1. No announcements

  2. Committee Reports

  • Congratulations to Elizabeth Pahl for a job well done on the Food trucks.

  • President - Monica Fochtman announced that our insurance carrier – Labuda Totte, and Bray, joined with the Shinberg Agency to form the Shinberg LTB Agency.

  • Treasurer Kayla Byrd-Daniels reported that there is $76,787.77 in checking, $38,968.66 in Savings and $11,602.62 in the CD. The CD will mature in August, 2022. The 3rd notice for delinquent dues was sent out. There are still 12 outstanding, with a combined delinquent dues balance of $2,058.62. The treasurer’s report was approved unanimously.

  • Events - The signs for upcoming events have all been printed and under budget.

Monica Fochtman sent out the Briarwood Newsletter highlighting the National Night Out on August 3rd. Elizabeth Pahl, coordinator of this event, reminded board members of items needed and to volunteer for this event. She also reported that the food truck events are a hit with residents.

  • Maintenance – The lights on two of the pathways are not working and need replacing. Requests for bids have been sent out, but are slow in coming in. The Heritage entrance was mulched, and a decorative planter placed near it. New plantings are planned for the fall. New member was added to the committee.

  • Nominations – two positions still need to be filled. No one has volunteered yet to fill them.

  • Welcoming – Alyse Munishamaiah has been working to find items for a welcome kit for new members of the neighborhood. She is working with A. Dean Watkins to come up with a list of items and a cost. A vote will be taken on or before the August meeting to fund her request for these items.

  1. New Business

  • Violation Notifications Process Kayla Byrd- Daniels presented to the board guidelines to follow for Covenant violations

First Notice of Violation – A letter identifying the violation will be mailed with details outlining the violation. The letter will ask the homeowners to remedy the situation within 7 days of letter date.

Second Notice of Violation – A letter reminding the homeowners of the violation and a second request that the situation be remedied in 7 days of the letter date. After the 7 days, a $50.00 per week fine will be assessed for a total of 4 weeks.

Final Notice of Violation – One final letter will be sent on the 4th week of the 2nd violation notice, to provide notice of the final assessed fine. In addition, the letter will inform the homeowners that in 7 days the violation will be remedied by the Board of the Briarwood Homeowners Association. The homeowners will be responsible for reimbursing the Board of all expenses and if there is a failure to pay, a lien will be placed on the home.

Discussion followed; some additions were requested by Board members. No action was taken. It will be brought back to the Board at the August meeting. Township has ordinances against fallen trees/tall grass, etc. . They can be notified if there is a violation. It was felt that the more information given to residents about covenant restrictions, the less chance there will be for residents to violate them. It was suggested that Residents should be notified by email as well. Policy will be reviewed and re submitted to the BHOA at a future meeting.

  • Fence repair at Nature Park – Elizabeth Pahl reported that several bids had come in for Repairing/ Replacing the fence at the Nature Park. A motion was made to have Metter repair/replace the existing fence. This passed by a 6 to 0 vote, with one member abstaining.

  • Kayla Bird- Daniels, Alyse Munishamaiah, and Georgia Styka are the three members of the ACCE committee.

  • Elizabeth Pahl will be added as a member of the Maintenance Committee.

  • Cost of a new water supply for the gardens could be offset by raising the cost of using a garden plot. Use of the well would lower the cost. Monica Fochtman indicated that Jean Zwier should come up with a proposal outlining costs to the BHOA and to future gardeners. Discussion of a permanent water supply was tabled for a later meeting.

  • Garden Water supply Jean Zwier reported that one more IBC tote was available to water the garden. Jean proposed that we add this additional tote for this year. C.Pahl seconded the motion. The motion passed 6 to 0 with one member abstaining.

  • ACCE requests

  • 3880 Sheldrake - Homeowner Itsell requested approval for erecting a 10ft.X12ft.shed. This is the second time this request has come forward. It was turned down the first time because the dimensions of the shed were too large. This new request has the shed dimensions the same. A prolonged discussion followed. This request was turned down by a vote of 2 for 3 against – 2 abstained. Monica Fochtman indicated she would help inform the homeowner of the vote.

  • 3854 Raleigh Homeowner Jessica Hester requested approval for putting up a 4 foot, white picket vinyl fence. Request was passed unanimously.

The ACCE committee and Monica Fochtman will go over the fencing and Shed guidelines.

Soccer Field Insurance Update – soccer field is now included in our insurance. New sign indicating that” field is Private property, for use of Briarwood Residents only” and to” Play at your own risk”. Might also add a “no unauthorized motor vehicles allowed.”

Play Structure Removal – The play structure is not structurally sound and needs to be removed. Hand holds are defective, wood is full of splinters, steps uneven, support beam for tire swing is rotting out. Kayla Byrd-Daniels has been in touch with individuals who can demolish and remove the swing set. A motion was made by Elyse Munishamaiah to demolish and remove the play structure and the monkey bars. Kayla Bird Daniels seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously. Benches should also be removed. Replacement will be discussed at the next meeting.

Email Communications to residents – Make sure that the Homeowners Association Board members are included in any communication to residents.

7.Old Business

Signs for streets for drivers to slow down, children at play are being investigated by Kayla Byrd- Daniels. She has contacted the township and is working with them to get the signs.

The Raleigh – cul de sac tree is now no longer an issue thanks to Mother Nature. A huge limb fell in a recent storm. The Ingham County Road Commission removed the limb and cut down the tree. The stump left will be ground down.

8. The meeting was adjourned at 9:02pm

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