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September Meeting Minutes

Updated: Apr 8

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 via Zoom.

Members present were Fochtman, Styka, E. Pahl, Zwier, Byrd-Daniels, Munishamaiah. Member C. Pahl was absent.

The minutes of the August 10, 2021, meeting were approved 6-0.

There were no announcements.

Monica Fochtman indicated that the new fence at the Briarwood Park looked great.

The treasurer, Kayla Byrd-Daniels reported that there was $### in the checking account, $### in the Savings Account, and $### in the CD. A discussion followed concerning money owed to the BHOA for past dues. It was felt that a threshold of at least 2 years in back dues would be necessary before putting a lien on a home. A decision would be discussed at a later meeting.

Elizabeth Pahl indicated that the Fall Newsletter will be sent out by mid- October. Elizabeth would like an article from each member to be placed in the newsletter. Any changes in the Directory should be sent to Cory Pahl to be updated electronically. The goal is to put out a new directory next year. This is costly and should be in the budget for next year.

The rental of the tent cost twice the amount of the previous year. There was a $1400.00 cost. Elizabeth made a motion for an additional $300.00 to cover additional costs. This motion was passed unanimously.

The food trucks are well received by residents. If a food truck event is cancelled, Monica should be notified so email notice can be sent out.

Elizabeth Pahl indicated that the tree stump at the Raleigh cul-de-sac was ground down. R &D landscaping will grate and level the area and plant grass and a new tree. The Heritage Entrance improvement will be completed by the end of September.

A special meeting was planned to determine the future use of the Briarwood Park. It was determined that the new playground equipment would be placed in front of the shed, closer to Cavalier, where the soccer field is. A new shorter soccer field could be placed closer to the garden. There is talk with a company in Brighton about a new play structure. At this point no definitive information has been received. The cost of labor is a major concern. At least 20 volunteers for two days will offset the cost of hiring 10 employees for 4 days to construct the structure. There was concern about liability, if the play structure is constructed by volunteers. Elizabeth indicated she would question the Play structure representative about this.

No determination has been made about the existing area where tennis courts, basketball court and shuffleboard court are located. The question is let them continue to deteriorate, to fix them or change use of the area.

No one has indicated their desire to serve on the BHOA at this time.

Alyse Munishamaiah indicated that all materials for the welcoming kits have been ordered from A. Dean Watkins and should be arriving by the end of September.

Approval was given by the ACCE committee for 3936 Raleigh to replace their front door and 2089 Tamarack to replace their wood siding with vinyl siding of the same color. Discussion followed about Above Ground Pools. It was felt that a written policy about Above Ground Pools should be formulated by the board and made available to residents.

Jean Zwier gave numbers about the cost of putting in water supply at the garden. Jean made a motion for $3500 to be spent to put in a permanent water supply in the community garden. This amount was amended to $4000.00. This motion was approved 6-0.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.

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